Endorsed by the Cincinnati Enquirer: “Voters should move full steam ahead by approving the sale.“ Read the Article

Vote YES to keep our water clean, repair streets and sidewalks, and improve fire and emergency services while creating thousands of jobs—all without raising taxes.

Here’s how. 

Selling the Cincinnati Southern Railway for $1.6 billion will deliver a windfall for Cincinnati. It will generate funds to improve existing city infrastructure—to protect clean water, improve fire and emergency services, repair roads and sidewalks, update city parks, bring recreation centers up to code, and more. 

We will do all that and more—without raising taxes. 

And our city desperately needs it. Cincinnati has a backlog of over $400 million in needed maintenance to our infrastructure across all of the city’s neighborhoods—including outdated fire stations, recreation centers not up to safety code, community health centers with failing ventilation systems, and more. 

By passing this ballot measure, we will address our infrastructure needs and create thousands of jobs—increasing our quality of life and growing our economy— without a penny in new taxes. 


Cincinnati is the only city in America that owns an interstate railway. The Cincinnati Southern Railway is a freight railroad that runs 3 miles in Cincinnati and all the way to Tennessee. Since it was constructed in the 1800s, private companies have operated and leased the railway. 


By selling the railroad to Norfolk Southern Railway, Cincinnati will receive a payment of $1.6 billion into the Infrastructure Trust Fund. It will be protected from special interests. This ballot measure will allow the city to make vital improvements to infrastructure with no new taxes. 

By law, the money from the sale has to go towards maintaining and improving existing city infrastructure, making this sale a win for all Cincinnatians. Download HERE a list of the top critical infrastructure needs submitted by each City department to City Council. 

This November will be a historic election as voters will have a chance to approve the sale of the Cincinnati Southern Railway to shore up our city’s budget for infrastructure—now and in the future.